Kylie and Kim to Kris Jenner: We Know Who's Poisoning You!

Kylie and Kim to Kris Jenner: We Know Who's Poisoning You!

Are you confused by the headline above?

We understand.

But give us a few moments and it will make sense, we promise...

In a previous clip from this Sunday's Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, we revealed how Kris Jenner will worry this week about someone poisoning her drinking water.

For real.

We're not kidding.

As you can see below, this is something the matriarch and manager claims to be concerned about:

So now, in the new sneak peek featured on this page, we see Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner try to pull a prank on their mother, based on this worry.

“We have to f-ck with Mom,” Kim tells her half-sibling in this clip, prior to dialing Kris up.

“We figured the whole thing out… that Kourtney has been the one poisoning you this whole time," Kim alleges after her mom picks up, throwing the sister with whom she's been feuding under the bus.

“Stop! No way!” Kris responds while Kim and Kylie attempt to hold in their laughter. “I just was with her. Why would she do that?”

“Just because she’s, you know, has been trying these new, all gluten-free organic drops and we think that she’s been adding these things to our food,” Kim replies.

(Editor's Note: Even by the fake, lame Keeping Up with the Kardashians storyline standards... this one is especially fake and lame.)

And Kris just totally buys the whole thing!

“Stop! She’s insane! Well, you knew she made me throw away all of my Tupperware,” Kris tells her two kids, which makes them crack up hysterically.

“She must be doing the drops to reverse the process.”

Yup. Must be that.

Kim and Kylie proceed to laugh and laugh and then laugh some more over this genius prank.

They can't even remain on the phone any longer with Kris, lest they give the whole thing up.

Despite the fact that we never actually see Jenner's side of this conversation, we're sure it's completely legitimate and everything you see in this clip really did take place.

Check it out now!

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